Individualised Community Participation Program (CCSP)

This is the newest service to be added to EAI’s repertoire.

Located at our second site in Castlereagh is our innovative community participation group program, for people who have finished their schooling. This program offers community access services as well as onsite daily activities supports.
The venue is a house which has been modified to be accessible for everyone. The house has a sensory room, large kitchen for group cooking, chickens in the backyard, a large shed for outdoor work and an onsite gym. The programs are designed to encourage independent living skills, recreation activities, community access and teamwork. EAI hopes to encourage participants to be responsible for the ongoing maintenance of the property including gardening, cleaning, and day to day chores, whilst still offering social, recreation and community access opportunities. In turn they will have some ownership over the house and the program, leaving them in control.
The community participation program is focused on being tailored to individuals. Whilst there is a program for Castlereagh it is only a guide, and the team is always looking for new ideas. The current program includes volunteer work, art and crafts, beauty and aromatherapy, baking, karaoke, candle making and dream-catcher making for sale at the market stall.

If you are interested in CCSP, would like more information or just want to have a chat please call head office 02 4577 2150 or you can email