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Brokerage Services

EAI continues to be brokered by other funding organisations to provide support services directly to clients. This means that EAI can provide staff and the other organisation will provide the funding. If you are interested in this service please advise your funding organisation to contact the EAI staff at the office.

Individualised Community Participation Program (CCSP)

This is the newest service to be added to EAI’s repertoire.

Located at our second site in Castlereagh is our innovative community participation group program, for people who have finished their schooling. This program offers community access services as well as onsite daily activities supports.
The venue is a house which has been modified to be accessible for everyone. The house has a sensory room, large kitchen for group cooking, chickens in the backyard, a large shed for outdoor work and an onsite gym. The programs are designed to encourage independent living skills, recreation activities, community access and teamwork. EAI hopes to encourage participants to be responsible for the ongoing maintenance of the property including gardening, cleaning, and day to day chores, whilst still offering social, recreation and community access opportunities. In turn they will have some ownership over the house and the program, leaving them in control.
The community participation program is focused on being tailored to individuals. Whilst there is a program for Castlereagh it is only a guide, and the team is always looking for new ideas. The current program includes volunteer work, art and crafts, beauty and aromatherapy, baking, karaoke, candle making and dream-catcher making for sale at the market stall.

If you are interested in CCSP, would like more information or just want to have a chat please call head office 02 4577 2150 or you can email


EAI is a registered provider under the NDIS – which allows us to provide services to participants with current NDIS plans.
We are registered under several different clusters. Below is the description of the cluster as it will appear on the participants plan, and in brackets is the description as per the participants portal:

  • Core Supports (Daily Activities or Social, Community & Civic Participation)
  • Increased Social and Community Participation (CB Social, Community & Civic Participation)
  • Support Coordination (Support Coordination)

Through the NDIS we offer a wide range of services which fall under the above categories. These services can include but are not limited to:

  • In home support
  • Community Access Support
  • Group based support
  • Short Term 1:1 Accommodation
  • Assistance to access therapeutic supports
  • Coordination of Supports

If you are interested in any of these supports please call the office 02 4577 2150 and speak with one of our friendly office staff.

EMPOWERability Inc. charges rates in the current NDIS Price Guide. EMPOWERability Inc. is eligible to charge the Transitional Provider Payment as per the NDIS guidelines.

School Holiday & Recreational Programs

EAI offers school holiday social programs to children and teens who are still attending school. These are split into two groups, primary school aged children, and high school aged teens. These programs are designed to give children and teens a social outlet whilst they are on school holidays. It is also an avenue for them to develop and improve their social skills in alternate environments. The programs are set before the school holidays and families are requested to book in their children, so numbers can be finalised and adjusted where needed.
The programs contain a mixture of community based activities, recreational activities held at Amaroo House and daily living skills. These programs generally run 9am – 3pm, or 8.30am – 3.30pm with transport.

The recreation programs are held one Saturday per month during the school term. These programs are run similarly to the School Holiday programs and are designed to meet several needs for children and teens. These programs are generally run 10am – 4pm, or 9.30am – 4.30pm with transport.

Both of these programs also offer transport from a central Penrith pick up point, to Amaroo House in Richmond.
These programs can be billed out of NDIS plans, as long as the appropriate cluster is funded.
If you have any further questions or are interested in either of these programs please contact Jodie York at the office on 02 4577 2150 or

Frail Aged Respite

Currently EAI is able to provide limited funding packages to people over 65 who are living at home with a disability.
These packages are funded by Department of Health (DOH). They are valid for one financial year and must be reapplied at the end of the financial year when they expire. This funding can allow clients to have supports in home or out in the community. EAI can support and assist clients to participate in everyday activities including going shopping, going out for lunch dates or coffee and even going away for a weekend.

This funding is in conjunction with The My Aged Care program, and often our funding is allocated whilst on the waiting list for larger aged care supports or vacancies in appropriate aged care facilities.

Clients are encouraged to apply to My Aged Care or via phone 1800 200 422.
If you would like further information on this funding please contact head office on 02 4577 2150.

Amaroo & Castlereagh Houses

EAI operates from two locations:

  • Amaroo House
  • Castlereagh House

Both of these venues are fully accessible with many additional features to make them welcoming and homely.

Amaroo House

Amaroo House is located at 10 East Market Street, Richmond, NSW. It is the location for multiple front-line services to our clients.
Amaroo House is registered with the NDIS as a short term accommodation venue. Short term accommodation can be from one night to several weeks of support. Amaroo House can facilitate multiple participants for short term accommodation. There is a fully accessible bathroom, with toilet, shower and commode. Kitchen and laundry for participants to continue developing their daily living skills whilst staying in short term accommodation.

As well as short term accommodation Amaroo House is also the location for our school holiday program and weekend recreational programs.

For further information on Amaroo House, short-term accommodation or recreation programs please contact us.

Castlereagh House
Castlereagh House is located at 993 Castlereagh Road, Castlereagh, NSW. It is the location for our individualised community participation program, affectionately known as CCSP (Castlereagh Community Support Program). It is a large home set on 1.5 acres which allows for multiple opportunities to develop daily living skills in a safe and everyday environment. Castlereagh House has a sensory room, large kitchen for group cooking, large shed for woodworking and chickens that live in the backyard that need caring for.